You Can Train Optimum Brain Function

What can the iLs Focus do you for?

The iLs Focus program treats the whole brain. Therefore, it is an excellent program for both cognitive rehabilitation and cognitive excellence. The iLs Focus has been used successfully with:

The iLs Focus leverages the power of the auditory system in conjunction with the science of brain plasticity to improve brain functioning. Bone conduction headphones are combined with frequency gated music. Each program uses a specific combination of frequencies and instructions to stimulate different areas of the brain.

Cognitive improvements are made when different areas of the brain are able to fully engage and communicate with each other. The iLs Focus program targets specific areas of the brain that may not be firing optimally together in day-to-day life. Just like the muscles in our bodies, these areas need exercise to improve their strength and coordination. Because it treats the whole brain, the iLs Focus is ideal for improving variety of areas safely and efficiently.

Product Description

The iLs Focus uses specific music programs with modified musical frequencies to stimulate brain development. Listening to isolated frequency bandwidths has been observed to create brain changes over time that benefit children and adults.


The Integration Kit, a visual motor and balance program, is included with the Focus to round out a set of multisensory activities that encourage the growth of new brain pathways.


The auditory, visual, vestibular (balance) and motor systems are exercised at the same time during the iLs Focus experience. Several parts of the brain are stimulated simultaneously leading to better integration of movement and the senses (touch, taste, smell, vision, hearing).


There is a say, “Neurons that fire together wire together.” The weaker senses and motor skills mature in their development, life skills improve and dysfunctions decline.      


Improving basic brain functions with the iLs Focus means improvements in

Attention span                                  Speech articulation
Auditory processing                       Expressive language
Sensory processing                         Problem solving
Memory                                               Impulse control                    Social skills                                        Eye contact
Balance                                                Motor coordination

Understanding, achievement and daily living skills increase as the brain grows more pathways among the neurons.


The iLs Focus can make school, work, home and life overall a lot easier to manage.



 The Focus Series includes the Focus 30 and Focus 60 which have clinic-level quality but are designed for home as well as professional use. The Focus Series allows clinicians and educators to select specific iLs programs for their clients’ needs. The Focus 60 has programs that take 60 minutes per session, and the Focus 300 sessions are 30 minutes a day. In the end, each program takes the same number of minutes to complete.


All Focus systems are sold complete with the following:

  • iLs Programs loaded onto an Apple iPod                                                                                                

  • iLs1000 headphones custom-fitted with bone conduction capability                                               

  • iLs mini-amplifier with adjustable air and bone conduction volume

  • Integration Kit and Playbook for visual motor and balance activities

  • Custom rechargeable amplifier for up to 8 hours of continual use

  • Waistpack – adjustable for children and adults

  • iLs Carrying Case


Please call (352) 332-2420 for prices.



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