You Can Train Optimum Brain Function

Learning Breakthrough™ is a set of specialized equipment and exercises designed to strengthen basic brain processes and enable high level learning skills to advance. The program’s exercises integrate our auditory, visual, motor planning, tactile, balance, body positioning and neurological feedback systems in order to strengthen brain pathways and synchronize the brain’s functions.

Product Description

Consistent Learning Breakthrough™ use helps the left and right hemispheres of the brain become more organized. A better organized brain can have a significant impact on ones’ ability to read, write, comprehend, focus, and perform physical and athletic movements.

Developmental specialists, educators, parents and students have reported dramatic improvements in many areas of academic and athletic performance. These cognitive and physical improvements can enhance everyday performance for anyone. Those with learning and attention problems such as dyslexia and ADD/ADHD stand to benefit the most.

Learning Breakthrough™ Kit:

  • Belgau Balance Board
  • Target Stand/Target Pins
  • 3 Bean Bags
  • Super Ball Toss Back
  • 5 Super Balls
  • Pendulum Ball
  • Visual Motor Control Stick
  • Learning Breakthrough™ Activity DVD of Guided Instructions
  • Learning Breakthrough™ Activity Manual


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